ISO Standard Containers

Container Standards

The world is still bulging in different sizes and looking containers and will be. Most of these containers fill the international descriptions required for maritime traffic regardless of form and form.

These dimensions are ISO (International Organization for Standardization) measurements. Six lengths are commonly used: 20’ft (6.1m), 30’ft (9m), 40’ft (12.2m), 45’ft (13.7m), 48’ft (14.6m) and 53 ‘feet (16,2m).

ISO standard width in containers is 8’ft (n.2.4m).

The height is not specified in the ISO standard, but the most common heights are 8’ft6 ” (2.6m) and 9’ft6 ” (2.9m).

The 48’ft and 53’ft lengths are read in the general ISO contour of the containers, although they are mainly used for US internal traffic.

The ISO standard also specifies the terminology used in the container language: load capacity, tolerances, letters and numbers, overlapping stacking, and methods of strength and strength tests related to the container design.

Container trade and maritime and road transport vocabulary

  • Contain neutralization to delete previous owner IDs
  • FOT, Incoterm free on the car
  • CSC, Convenience of Safe Container
  • CW, cargo worthy cargo
  • WWT, wind & water tight stock (watertight)
  • Depot container repair and storage
  • IICL, the Institute of International Container Lessors, develops and maintains widely used fitness and repair guidelines. Mostly for contingents and dealers, but also for shipping companies.
  • UCIRC, Unified Container Inspection & Repair Criterion for IICL, favored by shipping companies
  • MGW, max Gross weight, including the weight of the container
  • Payload is the maximum allowable weight of the cargo
  • Tare, tare the weight of the container
  • Prefix the container label letters (4 letters) OVLU130226-4
  • CSC plate on the container door with a container label, weights, owner and manufacturer
  • ACEP, Active Continuous Examination Contracts. Containers such as shipping companies.
  • ASIS in the condition at the moment
  • Estimate Estimate Correction of broken container correction
  • TEU, twenty-foot equivalent unit for container capacity capacity calculation as well as general contractual terminology 1 TEU = 20’ft unit.
  • FEU, forty-foot equivalent unit 1 FEU = 40’ft unit, 1 FEU = 2 TEU

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